Virtually Brooks' mission is to deliver the most efficient, trustworthy, and specialized virtual assistance that will make even the most established firms take notice.

Our commitment to being the virtual assistant service of your dreams is backed by our expertise in law firms and trade industries, streamlined processes, and optimized productivity. We offer a full suite of tailored remote assistance and unparalleled administrative support. We will stand by you from task delegation to business growth. Virtually Brooks has your back.


Our Mission

We strive to provide virtual assistance services that can compete with the best, helping businesses thrive and succeed with trust and efficiency.

Virtually Brooks' vision is to see our clients' businesses flourish and dominate their respective markets.


We take no shortcuts. All our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client, particularly those in law firms and trade industries. No task is too small or too big for us. Our number one priority is client satisfaction. We are committed to treating your business as if it's our own. Virtually Brooks adheres to all industry best practices and guidelines.

Virtually Brooks' core values are client-centricity and trust. This is how we approach every aspect of our business.




We Can Assist It.

It brings me immense joy to introduce myself as the Founder and Owner of this agency. With a rich background spanning over 17 years in Operations & Logistic Management and Executive Administration, I have channeled my expertise to establish a business solely focused on delivering exceptional virtual assistance from law firms to professional industries.

Working with esteemed teams managing multi-million dollar accounts in asset management has honed my understanding of logistics, processes, and procedures, allowing me to create streamlined solutions that cater to our clients' specific needs. But my story is more than just professional achievements; it's one of character, dedication, and resilience. At the core of my values lies a commitment to taking initiative, maintaining high standards, and upholding unwavering integrity in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional.

Meet Our Founder & CEO 

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

By embracing a work-life balance, I have extended the same opportunity to every team member I hire at Virtually Brooks. Empowering our team to enjoy fulfilling lives enables them to provide exceptional virtual assistance to our valued clients.

Our mission is straightforward yet profound: we aim to empower business owners by relieving them of administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating endeavors.

At Virtually Brooks, we treat your business as our own, prioritizing your needs with a client-centric approach.With a focus on niche industries and time-tested strategies, we elevate your systems and propel your business to its utmost potential. Our services encompass managing administrative tasks, optimizing productivity, and incorporating cutting-edge tech solutions.

Dalis Perez, Executive Assistant

Taryn Loehr, Executive Assistant

Laura Sandberg, Executive Assistant

Patricia Joyce, Supervisor & Senior Executive Assistant

Taylor Nobles, Supervisor & Senior Executive Assistant

Harmony Webb, Supervisor & Senior Executive Assistant

Casey Miller, Business Development Manager

The Team Behind Virtually Brooks Agency!

Mariah Lowe, Senior Executive Assistant

Kayla Henson, Senior Executive Assistant 

Lindsay Lemons, Executive Assistant

Molly Dessimoz, Executive Assistant

Shawn Satterfield, Executive Assistant

Courtney Hines, Executive Assistant

Ellen McAdams, Executive Assistant

Samantha Lemay, Executive Assistant

Brittany Garrity, Executive Assistant

Avgi Goumas, Executive Assistant

Andrea Treu, Executive Assistant

Sarah Weeks, Executive Assistant

Jenna Luke,  Executive Assistant

Dana Robertson,  Executive Assistant

Amy Covington,  Executive Assistant

Shelbi Imo, Executive Assistant

Samantha Rosenthal, Executive Assistant

Brooke Johnson,  Executive Assistant

Danae Savitski,  Executive Assistant

Mariela Cruz,  Executive Assistant

Jenna Strum,  Executive Assistant

Jessica Rodriguez-Jimenez,  Executive Assistant

Kylie Wilcox,  Executive Assistant

Fawn Rosenbohm,  Executive Assistant

Melody Patrick,  Executive Assistant

Noelle Pawlowski,  Executive Assistant

Rebecca Tablada,  Executive Assistant

Rebecca Walters,  Executive Assistant

Sanika Joshi,  Executive Assistant

Tristen Jolly,  Executive Assistant

Talyah Dworshak,  Executive Assistant

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