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Learn how delegating tasks can free up your time and elevate your business, making it a must-have resource for growing businesses.

The ultimate Guide To Virtual assistance


You can find more information about Elizabeth Brooks and her background on our About page. Discover her expertise, dedication, and the passion that drives our agency's mission.

How can I learn more about Elizabeth Brooks, the Founder & Owner of Virtually Brooks?

At Virtually Brooks, our client-focused strategy, trust, and reliability are what set us apart. We go above and beyond to treat your business as our own, fostering a long-lasting and productive partnership.

What sets Virtually Brooks apart from other virtual assistant services?

Absolutely! While our Services page provides an overview of our core offerings, we are flexible and adaptable. If you have specific requirements beyond the listed services, let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can you handle tasks beyond those listed on your Services page?

Getting started with Virtually Brooks is simple! You can reach out to us through the contact form on our website or find our contact details to initiate the conversation. We'll promptly respond to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

How do I get started and schedule a consultation?

We recognize that each client is unique, and we pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions. During our initial consultation, we listen attentively to your needs and preferences, allowing us to tailor our support to fit your business perfectly.

How do you customize your services to suit our specific requirements?

At Virtually Brooks, we are proud to provide continuous support to our clients. We offer ongoing assistance with a minimum 120-day contract, ensuring a dedicated partnership to drive your business success. After the initial period, our services transition to a month-to-month arrangement, allowing you the flexibility to adapt our support based on your evolving needs.

Do you provide ongoing support or one-time assistance?

Our onboarding process is seamless and designed to align with your business needs. Once you choose our services, we work closely with you to understand your operations, goals, and preferred communication methods, ensuring a smooth integration into your team.

What is the process for onboarding and integrating your virtual assistants into our team?

Our pricing is customized based on the scope of support required, the complexity of tasks, and the frequency of service. We offer transparent and flexible pricing to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Administrative support is based off a monthly retainer and receptionist and social media services are based on customizable packages. 

What is the pricing structure for your services?

At Virtually Brooks, we take data security and confidentiality seriously. We implement strict measures, including secure communication channels and password-protected systems, to safeguard your sensitive information.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of our business information?

What industries do you specialize in?

We specialize in providing tailored Executive Administrative support to a wide range of industries, with a niche focus on law firms and trade industries. Our expertise allows us to understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by professionals in these fields.

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