Cultivating Strong Leadership

Navigating Growth Challenges with Pinktum’s Soft Skills Training at Virtually Brooks in 2023

In 2023, we doubled our team to nearly 50 Virtual Assistants, exceeding our dreams and enhancing our leadership skills. However, with growth comes challenges. Managing 50 people, along with our clients, is no small feat.

Navigating different personalities is vital for our strong culture at Virtually Brooks. Yet, leadership resources are plentiful. Unfortunately, most offer the same insights.

We found a game-changer in Pinktum, which surpassed our past assessments. It pinpointed soft skill gaps with a 5-minute certified assessment, guiding us to the training we needed. This resource is a lifeline for our leadership team, helping them support and understand our team members better.

Pinktum is a soft skill eLearning provider that specializes in employee personal development, focusing on Communication, Sales, Business, and Leadership skills through interactive eLearning courses. Often, we receive technical skill training, but very few of us receive life skill training that enables us to flourish in a working environment.

We have implemented this with our leadership team (5 members). However, you can have a company of any size and still be provided with the same excellent knowledge and insights. As we embark on the journey into 2024, we are filled with enthusiasm about incorporating Pinktum into our quarterly goals.

This strategic integration will not only support our team’s motivation and positivity but will also further develop our enhanced leadership skills. This development will allow us to nurture a vibrant and high-performing work environment.

Have you found tools to strengthen your leadership team? If not, consider Pinktum for your 2024 goals. Invest in your team, and you’ll see remarkable results, just as we have.

Wil Holloway is a trusted friend and I’d recommend him and his courses to anyone. I’m grateful he’s been our consultant and I know he’ll take excellent care of you as well.

Wil Holloway: 224-622-0270  LinkedIn