John Strohmeyer

At Virtually Brooks, we take pride in supporting our long-term clients, especially when they have been with us for over a year. One such client, John Strohmeyer, an Estate Planning, Probate, Business, and Tax attorney based in Houston, Texas, approached us in February 2021 seeking assistance with a crucial aspect of his business—email management. In this blog post, we will explore how Virtually Brooks helped transform John’s productivity by optimizing his email management and the positive impact it had on his overall business success.

The Challenge of Email Overload: For many professionals, managing emails can be a time-consuming task that hampers their productivity. John Strohmeyer was no exception. Despite utilizing Outlook’s “Rules” feature, he still found himself spending a significant portion of his day sorting through emails, including those requiring his immediate attention. It was evident that an efficient email management system was crucial to free up his valuable time and improve his focus on core business activities.

Virtually Brooks to the Rescue: Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Virtually Brooks stepped in to assist John with his email management challenges. Our team of virtual assistants took charge of organizing and categorizing his emails into relevant folders, ensuring that John could easily prioritize and respond to critical messages. By streamlining this process, we created a clear distinction between emails that needed his direct attention and those that could be handled by his assistants.

Unlocking New Opportunities: With email management no longer consuming a significant portion of his day, John experienced a newfound sense of freedom. He was able to utilize this extra time to focus on other important aspects of his business. From scheduling more meetings and lunches to launching a second podcast in April 2022, John embraced new opportunities that would have otherwise been challenging to pursue. Moreover, by delegating personal tasks like travel planning to Virtually Brooks, he achieved a better work-life balance.

Enhancing Efficiency and Peace of Mind: The impact of effective email management extended beyond John’s professional life. Even during his absence from the office for five days, he felt confident that his business operations continued smoothly without any disruptions. This level of reassurance and the reduction in stress levels further reinforced the benefits of having Virtually Brooks as a trusted partner.

Looking Ahead: At Virtually Brooks, seeing our clients thrive and witnessing their stress levels decrease is a testament to our commitment to going above and beyond. We understand the immense pressure faced by professionals like John, juggling a busy law firm, a full staff, and multiple podcasts. By playing a small role in alleviating that pressure, we aim to empower our clients to reclaim their personal freedom. We are excited to see where John Strohmeyer takes his brand in the future and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Conclusion: The story of John Strohmeyer and his collaboration with Virtually Brooks highlights the transformative power of effective email management. By delegating this crucial task to virtual assistants, John regained valuable time, explored new opportunities, and achieved a better work-life balance. As businesses continue to seek efficient ways to streamline their operations, Virtually Brooks remains committed to providing comprehensive solutions and helping clients like John reach their personal and professional goals.