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At Virtually Brooks, we take pride in supporting our long-term clients, especially when they have been with us for over a year. One such client, John Strohmeyer, an Estate Planning, Probate, Business, and Tax attorney based in Houston, Texas, approached us in February 2021 seeking assistance with a crucial aspect of his business—email management. In […]

This month’s standout business owner (and Virtually Brooks client) is Danielle Hendon- a Virtual CFO based out of Texas, and owner of 4 Corners CFO. Danielle is a client who has an upbeat personality and dedication to her craft which allows assisting her enjoyable and effortless. Her upbeat attitude combined with her extensive industry knowledge […]

Virtually Brooks has helped business owners in a variety of industries, a major one being attorneys. A client worth highlighting is Carey Worrell- an attorney based in Houston, TX who practices in multiple areas of law. Some of these areas include (but are not limited to), Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, and Immigration. […]

About Alisa Hoggatt with Hoggatt Law Firm While we find value in all our clients, there is one in particular who has set the bar for what we hope to achieve with all our assistant-client relationships. Alisa Hoggatt has been with Virtually Brooks since December 2020. When our CEO Lizzy Brooks and one of our […]


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