Danielle Hendon – 4 Corners CFO

This month’s standout business owner (and Virtually Brooks client) is Danielle Hendon- a Virtual CFO based out of Texas, and owner of 4 Corners CFO. Danielle is a client who has an upbeat personality and dedication to her craft which allows assisting her enjoyable and effortless. Her upbeat attitude combined with her extensive industry knowledge is apparent within minutes of meeting with her. Danielle has a wealth of experience and knowledge which is how she has been able to build her brand into what it is today- a trustworthy, authentic, and reliable source for small business owners. She helps her clients understand both why and how their numbers work in a transparent way. With the success of her business, she identified that she needed help with the behind-the-scenes task. In March 2022, she took the leap and decided it was time to invest in her business by hiring Virtually Brooks.

When we started with Danielle, she knew she was spending too much time answering emails, creating social media content, and doing miscellaneous but necessary administrative tasks within her business. Though she knew it was time to seek assistance she wasn’t sure what and how to best delegate those tasks. After onboarding with Virtually Brooks, she quickly learned our proven strategies for delegating to others and from there it quickly fell into place. After collaborating on ways to improve already existing processes and enhancing them; our team was able to execute tasks such as email inbox management. Soon after, we provided relief for administrative tasks and functions such as quicker turnaround times for contacting new inquiries and providing assistance toward referral marketing.

Virtually Brooks has helped 4 Corners CFO with podcast outreach by customizing pitches to the hosts on her behalf. While keeping to her branding standards, her assistants were able to continue expanding her social media efforts as well. In 6 months, our teams has built a great line of communication with her, which compliments her busy, “on-the-go” lifestyle well. She appreciates that she can send voice notes throughout the day with tasks, and spontaneous ideas, which has helped save her time on “self-editing”. With great rapport, her assistants understand her line of thinking and can easily take notes, execute her needs, and turn those ideas into reality.

Since hiring Virtually Brooks, she’s been able to serve her clients with higher focus and ease. After getting to know Danielle and seeing the quality she provides her clients, Virtually Brooks is honored to share that we are now a client of 4 Corners CFO. Virtually Brooks has complete confidence that bringing on Danielle as our CFO is the best investment we could make going into 2023. We wholeheartedly know Danielle to be an expert within her industry and trust her advice for providing a profit-first approach. We cannot wait to see what this next year brings to her and her business!

To learn more about Danielle view her website at: 4cornerscfo.com and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram: 4CornersCFO