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About Alisa Hoggatt with Hoggatt Law Firm

While we find value in all our clients, there is one in particular who has set the bar for what we hope to achieve with all our assistant-client relationships. Alisa Hoggatt has been with Virtually Brooks since December 2020. When our CEO Lizzy Brooks and one of our Executive Assistants sat on zoom with Alisa for our Kick-Off call, we were hopeful we would make an impact in her business– The Hoggatt Law Firm. However, almost two years later, the impact we have made exceeds what we originally thought. Alisa is an Estate Planning, Probate, and Business Planning attorney based in Houston, TX. After working for other firms for over 10 years, Alisa decided in June 2019 to branch out on her own and be her own boss. With this, came the need for a right-hand woman (or in our case, two of them!) to help her streamline, create, and manage processes and procedures within her firm. She needed assistants who could help her with her CRM Clio to automate task lists and workflows, schedule meetings, and take over things that she just simply didn’t happen to have the time for.

The relationship between Alisa and our assistants blossomed instantly, and they became her instant go-to gals for getting all the behind-the-scenes work completed and off her plate. This was a big step for Alisa because she, in her own words, can be a “control freak”. Letting go of the smallest things was complicated for her because she wasn’t sure she could trust others to get everything done correctly. Even so, having constant support from our assistants was a relief, and naturally, the ability to delegate flowed seamlessly. Our team has been able to build out Clio to contain a variety of email and document templates, appointment types, matter types, contact types, and much more. Now, The Hoggatt Law Firm has efficiency, commitment, compassion, and detail that reflect onto the experience clients receive, something that is important while discussing Estates and Wills.

With Alisa having more time to focus directly on client needs, her firm’s ability to take on more work has dramatically increased, and the clients continue to pour in. So much so, that she grew her team from having our assistants and a Probate paralegal, to now also having an Estate Planning paralegal, plus a contract attorney. She’s even been able to reach her firm’s financial goals, generating a 105% increase from January 2021-January 2022. When discussing her financial goals for the remainder of 2022, Alisa told us that by June, she was set to reach the financial goal she had set for the entire year. Alisa and The Hoggatt Law Firm have served as a prime example of how impactful a Virtual Assistant can be too small business owners. It’s a blessing every day to see how much time we have given back to not just Alisa but all of our clients.