The Law Office of Carey Worrell

Virtually Brooks has helped business owners in a variety of industries, a major one being attorneys. A client worth highlighting is Carey Worrell- an attorney based in Houston, TX who practices in multiple areas of law. Some of these areas include (but are not limited to), Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, and Immigration. Starting with Carey was an exciting opportunity because it allowed us to brainstorm and come up with different ways we could help her, especially since she takes on such different cases.

When Carey started with Virtually Brooks, she wanted help streamlining processes within her CRM, Clio. During our kick-off call, we helped brainstorm and prioritize her needs. We learned that scheduling consultations, managing legal insurance clients, and collecting client payments/ retainers were her top 3. The first thing we did was set up a phone system for her through an app called Dialpad. This system helped Carey from having to be the first point of contact with all prospects and the assistant acted as a gatekeeper. This allowed the assistant to help schedule and time block meetings accordingly. In Clio, we were able to set up a matter for these clients, enter all contact information, and collect payment for their initial meeting. Creating this process helps Carey see all the information related to the potential client in one spot.

A unique aspect of working with Carey is she accepts legal insurance. To best service these consultations, we set up a Calendly booking link and connected it with Carey’s calendar in Clio. After that, we set up automated confirmation emails and created a form asking for the member’s information and details. Automating the insurance process has freed up much time for Carey. Many attorneys find that the administrative burden of working with legal insurance plans is not worth it, but with these systems in place, the firm has been able to make this a successful profit center. Additionally, we have been able to help her stay on top of her firm’s finances by utilizing Clio trust account reports. We send those reports over monthly to her bookkeeper. All of these processes allow Carey to stay client focused while work is being done behind the scene. In addition, we assist her with other tasks such as sending gifts to referral partners, signing her up for events, and sending client intake forms in addition to standard everyday administrative needs.

With all of Carey’s success, adding a Virtual Assistant has allowed her business to continue growing at a rapid pace. She’s able to maintain her client workflow with great organization and without losing integrity in the client experience. With her trust in Virtually Brooks, she’s been able to trust her Virtual Assistants as an extension of her firm. Carey lives by the mantra that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and that an opportunity to help someone should never go to waste. We are grateful to work with her and look forward to seeing what goals she’s set to accomplish in 2023!